Daphne, AL

A few things to note about Daphne:

  • Are you exploring Daphne, Alabama? You will find the Eastern Shore living delight that residents love. 

  • In 2021, the population in Daphne is around 27,600. It is the 20th largest city in the state of Alabama and is steadily growing each year.

  • Veterans are among the highest in popularity, making it a good place to retire. 

  • Do not let the small town fool you, there are plentiful business opportunities across all branches, those of whom continue to give public service towards the city for decades. 

  • Beyond the suburbs live many young professionals who are successful in the business world across all genders of owned firms including that of nonveterans. 


Daphne’s Internet Consumption

With a growing population comes a growing need for the internet and advancing technology.

  • With a 36.74% higher download than Alabama’s average, Daphne is known for having high-quality internet in comparison to many other cities in the state.

  • Residents in Daphne, Alabama have access to 11 internet providers, with 5 of these offering services to residential homes.

  • As the 6th most connected city in Alabama, Daphne stays behind Mobile, but ahead of many cities in the Baldwin County area, such as Spanish Fort, Fairhope and Loxley in terms of internet usage.

  • Internet users in Daphne are able to get up to 999 Mbps on their internet.


Technology Management Advances in Business

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, computer and internet use or broadband internet subscription within residential households show a high number of the ninetieth percentile. The high number, therefore, interprets that technology is not only present but that there are many technological advancement opportunities in the business field. 

  • Given the data, what resources are available for business owners who want to take the lead in managing their business technology in a safe and vigilant way? Castle Technology Partners is a company that works to craft solutions to make a plan possible in just three easy steps. 


Specializing in Modern Day Services 

Castle Technology Partners seeks to relieve technology headaches from entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and successful establishments. 


Computer and Network Management

Choose from essentials, professional or elite services, each with a tailored success package to keep your business running smoothly year-round. 

  • The basic essential package offers 24/7 live monitoring, an antivirus software program and continuous updates or bug fixes.

  • For a professional package, the same basics apply but improve network connectivity and can communicate with third-party vendors accordingly.

  • The elite package is highly recommended as it has many features the other packages do not. Hacking has become very worrisome for owners as identity theft is on the rise. Dark web scans await to notify any and all possible threats. 


Business Telephone Systems

Working from home has become the new norm. With business telephone systems, recording and monitoring are available throughout tablets or smartphones. Reporting and call logging details are sent to you for convenience in case calls are dropped. 


Video Surveillance

Protect every aspect of your business even when you are not around. 

  • Advanced object detection- expanded object classification

  • Exceptional image quality-7k image performance

  • Video analytics-lowering false alarm rates while increasing effectiveness

  • Night vision-IR LED systems

  • Video management software-easy to use software with facial recognition


Other Services