5 Tech Tools That Your Business Needs

Updated: Mar 31

Even after quarantine, numerous trends continue to affect the workplace, including the rise of working remotely and switching to 4-day workweeks. Are your business practices adaptable and prepared for new challenges? You should ensure that your team has at least one of these five technological tools listed below. These tools will make your business run more efficiently, no matter where you and your employees roam.

A reliable video-conferencing service

Some meetings cannot wait for when you and your team are in-person again. Has your business established a video-conferencing protocol and service? Popular choices include video chat services like Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Each service comes with its own features and benefits, so you should definitely explore your options and pick the best choice for your employees!

A shared virtual workspace to exchange plans and ideas

Memos are outdated; email inboxes are flooded daily; phones are consumed by notifications. How do you and your employees manage to keep projects moving along? How do you communicate and organize your ideas? Many collaborative platforms have risen to the challenge in recent years, including Asana, Notion and Basecamp. A collaborative platform for tracking projects will increase your business’s workflow and efficiency.

A simplified way to communicate directly

Emails can become difficult to track, and phone calls are usually unrecorded. How can you communicate directly with your employees? Messaging platforms like Slack and Google Chat are easy solutions to make missed messages a thing of the past. Messaging platforms also make it easy to track the communication between your employees beyond the day-to-day.

An easy and user-friendly way to work simultaneously

If there is a group deadline approaching, then collaborative processes are an easy way to make sure everyone does their part. Or perhaps you have two employees working on the same project. Collaborative programs like Google Docs or Asana are a great way to keep track of changes while working on the same project simultaneously! They encourage accountability, productivity and overall efficiency within your workplace.

A reliable source of security

Even if your team is only half-remote, you should ensure that all of your technology is secure. When did you last purchase antivirus software? Is your team using company-issued technology for its intended purposes? Are your email inboxes safe from hackers? If not, at Castle Technology Partners, we are able to help you decide on a suitable plan of action.

There are many more technology tools available to improve business practices, increase workflow and strengthen the workplace community. Decide on the best solutions for you and your business by performing research of your own, as well as sharing ideas with fellow business owners. The best thing about technology is what you make of it!

If all of this is overwhelming, we understand. At Castle Technology Partners, we believe that technology should be put to work for you and your business. It should not work against you. Visit www.castletechnologypartners.com/ or call (251) 313-0411 to take charge of your business technology. We can’t wait to work with you!

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