5 Ways to Make Your Business More Secure

As a business owner, how often do you think about the security of yourself, your employees and your business? We understand that it can be easy to overlook safety when dealing with menial day-to-day tasks. At Castle Technology Partners, we recommend that you invest in security measures now and not later. There are many ways to keep you, your business and your employees safe from harm.

However, how do you know if your business is secure enough? Here are five tips that you can begin today to make your business more secure and safer for yourself and your employees.

Invest in Computer & Network Security

Threats to your business and technology can look very different. Danger can look like hackers, viruses, natural disasters and more. Protect your assets with strengthened computer and network security efforts. At Castle Technology Partners, we offer security solutions like awareness training, firewalls and other resources.

Purchase a Video Surveillance System

If your business occupies a physical location, do you know who visits when you are not there? If the idea of unwanted visitors makes your skin crawl, we recommend that you purchase a video surveillance system. Our video surveillance technology includes night vision and video management software so that your security is in your hands.

Control Access to Your Business

Identity confirmation software and technology are great ways to control who has access to your business. We recommend that you use technology like FOBs, tags, mobile devices or biometrics to confirm the identity of individuals entering your business. With controlled access, you can enjoy the comforts of safe environments, investment protection and increased visibility.

Plan Ahead With a Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is a series of predetermined steps to follow whenever a disaster strikes. As previously stated, danger can look like many different things: natural disasters, physical threats, technological dangers and more. So, does your business have a plan in place for whenever one of these incidents occurs? At Castle Technology Partners, we can consult with you to create an ideal business continuity plan.

Change Passwords, Usernames and Other Identifications Regularly

Few things are more inconvenient than a hacker or computer virus. When your computers and mobile devices are secure, so are your employees, your work deliverables and more. An easy step you can take for enforced security is regularly changing your business’s passwords and usernames. It is simple but effective! We recommend that you refer to our security checklist for more tips about online security.

Your technology should work for you and not against you, especially when your business and livelihood are potentially at risk. Controlled networks, video surveillance, limited access, established plans and changing information are great solutions to enforce security. Which solution stood out to you the most? Schedule a consultation with our experts at Castle Technology Partners today, so that you can begin protecting your castle.

Castle Technology Partners offers many services and products, including network management, business telephone systems, video surveillance and structured cabling. Visit our website at https://www.castletechnologypartners.com to learn more.

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