What is Cloud Backup and Why Is It Important

As teams continue to work remotely and jobs utilize many moving parts, cloud backup is more important than ever. You have most likely heard of “the Cloud” and its storage solutions and capabilities. If not, that is okay! This blog will answer your most common questions, including what cloud backup is, how it works, its benefits and its reliability.

What is Cloud Backup?

Simply put: cloud backup is online storage that is delivered via the internet. It can store your system, data or applications. Based on its settings, a cloud can be accessed by the public or available only to one individual. Fees can be charged based on the storage capacity used, the amount of gigabytes needed or the number of users requiring access, but that should not deter you! Cloud backup is a beneficial storage solution for any business.

How Does It Work?

The backup application automatically copies the data to a designated storage system. This functionality spares the user from worrying about uploading or updating files. Furthermore, the data is usually saved by versions, so that users can restore not just files, but different reiterations as well. This is useful in the event of certain unfortunate circumstances, like data loss, ransomware or lost computers.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Backup?

There are many benefits to utilizing cloud backup for your business. For example, cloud backup is reliable and secure because it is stored remotely and automatically updates. It can also be cost-effective compared to other storage solutions, such as onsite data centers or servers. Cloud backup is scalable, so that you or your business can use as much (or as little!) data as necessary.

What Makes a Reliable Cloud Backup?

There are many different providers that offer cloud backup services. A good and reliable cloud backup should be off-site and update as regularly as possible. A cloud backup that does not update or is not accurate defeats its purpose! Backup and restoration should be as simple and user-friendly as possible, so that you can live and work with peace of mind.

Is Cloud Backup the Same as Cloud Storage?

No, cloud backup is not the same as cloud storage. Cloud storage makes it easier for users to edit, update, upload or remove files from different devices. Cloud backup is intended for data preservation and restoration.

Your technology should work for you, not against you; cloud backup can be functional for both businesses and individuals alike. Regardless of your intended purpose, you should consider investing in cloud backup! Cloud backup is a useful piece of technology, especially in the event that the worst happens, like misplaced computers, irreversible data loss or ransomware attacks. Consider it a worthwhile investment.

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